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Manufacturing many goals…
with many results.

Our focus is not on one industry. Rather we have learned different concepts and applications from several industries that we can bring to each new customer. Therefore, Electroform has the skill and vision to take these concepts and integrate them into your manufacturing goals to provide the most value.

We are one of the few facilities to offer
such diverse experience in:

  • High Cavitation Production Molds
  • Multi-shot
  • Insert Molds
  • Unscrewing Molds
  • In-Mold Assembly
  • Hot Runner Technology
  • Prototype and Pre-Production Molds

Electroform has advanced inspection capabilities including CMM and 3D flow analysis. With our solid model inspections, all critical dimensions and shut-off areas are 100% inspected and certified. Furthermore, all inspection data is archived at our facility for future reference.


Mold Components
Electroform has the capabilities to create complete component stacks, including Individual, Round, Square, Rectangular and Irregular components. We can manufacture your components to your exact specifications within .0002 tolerance.

High-Speed CNC & EDM

We use the latest high-speed milling technologies available. And our CNC manufacturing cells are some of the most advanced with automation technology integrated directly into the processes to create an unattended machining environment. Electroform also has the flexibility to machine both graphite and hardened steels.

Electroform has been automating and palletizing for more than ten years meaning that Electroform can assist you with the most complicated EDM project. We utilize the most advanced technology in both wire and CNC sinker EDM provided by Mitsubishi.

This complex mold with compound angled side actions was designed and manufactured in less then 5 weeks.